“Young MUSİAD – Y Generation-Entrepreneurship Bridge”

“Young MUSİAD – Y Generation-Entrepreneurship Bridge”

If You are an Entrepreneur, Let’s come with us to Istanbul!


What is the Project?

In scope of European Union Incentive Fund, we as Young MUSIAD are taking 10 English entrepreneurs to Istanbul for having investment opportunuties by Turkish Investors.


Contributions to the Participants,


The participant entrepreneurs will have chances to meet many investors from different sectors regarding 14.000 businessmen members of MUSIAD and Young MUSIAD. Also, they will meet another entrepreneurs in Istanbul.


Who can Participate?

All entrepreneurs who are between 18-30 years old can apply.


How can I apply?

The candidates must fulfill the application form and upload their project’s introduction powerpoint or presentation in another format. The chosen projects will be declared to the related people.


Is there any cost?

The participants will have to pay their visa fees. Other expenses including flight ticket, hotel accomadation and internal transfers will be paid by Young MUSIAD.


  • Program Date

17 April 2020 /  20 April 2020



The last visa application date for those who are chosen will be 25th March.  


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31 Ocak 2020 Cuma


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